Echo Marine Group Online Test

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Contractor Induction Test

For this part of the test, make sure you have read the following thoroughly;
What is required to be read and understood before commencement of Works on an Echo Marine Group site?
What are some of the key points required to be followed in the Sub-Contractor Procedure?
What are the minimum PPE requirements for Contractors on site
When entering site, what is required by Contractors before starting works?
If there is a requirement to work in or transit through the main work yard, what is the requirement under the site owner’s rules?
If you need to bring your work vehicle on site through the lower sliding gate, what are you required to provide to Echo Marine Group?
Are Private vehicles allowed on site?
For Contractors to use Echo Marine Group equipment, what must be provided or undertaken?
What must be reported in the event of an accident or near miss on Echo Marine Groups Property?
In the event of an injury, what process must be followed if the person must be taken to a hospital or other medical facility?
What must be undertaken when reporting an Injury or Accident?
You are feeling unwell, what is expected of Contractors presenting to work?
What can be done if you have a complaint regarding unacceptable practices or behaviours whilst on an Echo Marine Site?
What checks are expected before plugging in any electrical equipment for use on site?
You witness a staff member place a cordless drill in their lunch bag, what course of action would you take?
You are next to an employee welding, when plastic in the vicinity catches alight, causing a fire. What are your immediate actions?
The fire is now out of control. You hear a “Beep, Beep, Beep” alarm, what is your required action at this alarm?
The Alarm has changed tone to a “Woop, Woop, Woop”, what action is now required for all employees of Echo Marine Group?

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