Echo Marine Group Online Test

You are required to get a 100% correct score to pass the test.

Name Business Email Phone Number

Induction Test Employees

For this part of the test, make sure you have read the Employee Induction Manual thoroughly.


You are running late for work, who would you inform and when?


You have a severe case of Flu and are contagious, what would be expected of you regarding work?


You are being picked on at work by a fellow employee. You feel uncomfortable with what they are saying and don’t want to come to work. What action would you take?


What PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is expected to be worn by Employees working within the workshops of Echo Marine Group?


When Grinding or Milling, what is the minimum PPE requirements?


You want to have a cigarette at work, where can you partake in a quick ciggie?


You see one of your fellow employee’s take a grinder and places it in their back pack, what course of action would you take?


You are next to an employee welding, when plastic in the vicinity catches alight, causing a fire. What are your immediate actions?


The fire is now out of control. You hear a “Beep, Beep, Beep” alarm, what is your required action at this alarm?


The Alarm has changed tone to a “Woop, Woop, Woop”, what action is now required for all employees of Echo Marine Group?


You have cut yourself on a sharp edge requiring a Betadine Wipe and a Band Aid. What course of action is expected from you relating to a minor work related injury?


You are working next to someone who is using a miller, the miller has kicked, the worker has lost control and now the miller has caused a deep cut to their left arm. What action do you take?


You are unfortunately the injured person (Employee, Contractor, Sub-Contractor or Visitor), you have been taken to Echo Marine Groups preferred medical provider (Sonic HealthPlus Naval Base) for medical attention. You have been given a First Medical Certificate and sent back to work. What is the course of action required by Echo Marine Group?


You have been instructed to do a job with a Power Tool you have never used before, you do not feel confident in using this equipment. What course of action would you take to become familiar and competent using this tool?


You have been deemed Competent by your Supervisor on the use of this Equipment. You go to undertake the job, what checks of the Equipment would be expected before plugging in the machine and using it?


You are using this new piece of equipment and you accidently damage the power cord, exposing the internal wiring. What is required by you to ensure safety in the workplace?


You are required to repair a piece of fixed workshop equipment. What is required before you start repair work?


Your Supervisor has asked you to undertake work in a fuel tank on board a vessel under repair. You have never been in a Fuel Tank before and are not sure what to do. What are Echo Marine Groups requirements when working in any type of Confined Space?


You have undertaken Echo Marine Groups requirements for working in a Confined Space. The fuel tank is assumed to be Gas Free and you are required to undertake welding repairs inside the tank. How do we conduct any hot work safely for Echo Marine Group?


Your Supervisor has asked you to work over the edge of a vessel under construction. The work is approximately 6 meters off the ground. Can you do this work, and if so, how would you undertake it?


You are required to move several heavy items around the yard on a pallet. Can you operate the Fork Lift to do this?


JHA’s are used by Echo Marine Group to ensure workers are aware of their Safety responsibilities during work. What does JHA stand for?


You need to access an area on the vessel under construction, but there is Scaffolding in the way. What can you do to “Get on with the Job”?


You need to run up to the Bank at lunch time to sign some documents for your mortgage. Can you just take off to the Bank?


Who would you approach if you have any concerns or queries with any aspect of your employment?